Sharon’s original abstract and mixed media works have been described as “dark whimsy”, or “kinetic turbulence”. She depicts the energetics of life on the emotional edge in her figurative pieces as her beings strive to survive in a world that is dangerous and unpredicatable, yet touched by the humor, absurdity, angst and tenderness of the human drama. Her Images with Words series brings provocative and compelling poetic context to her quirky, toon-like faces. Her cityscapes buzz with raw electromagnetic intensity.

She works in a wide variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, pastel, ink and watercolor, in addition to multilayered prints, digitally merging her photographs with her original sketches and watercolors.

Sharon is a self-taught artist from the SF Bay Area. She has been creating art in various forms throughout her life but it was not until 2012 that she started creating art on a full-time basis. She has always seen herself as an outsider. A deeply troubled runaway at age 14, she spent a decade submerged in the San Francisco Beat Scene in the late 60s and 70s, immersed in the art, poetry and music of the era. This life experience seeded a visceral esthetic that lay partially dormant for many years before surfacing fully formed, exuberant and irrepressible.

Prior to her emergence as a notable local artist in 2012, Sharon has practiced her art as a designer and creator of fine art gift wrap and faux furniture. She is currently a partner in a home-based fine art reproduction studio where she consults with clients in layout and graphic design/formats for fine art reproduction and varied printing projects (

In addition to being a working artist, Sharon is active in the East Bay arts scene. As a founding member of El Sobrante Valley Artists in Community, she organized and curated a show of over a hundred works of art by 11 El Sobrante Valley artists. She has established and supervised a “Kids Art Here” booth where kids can make and display arts in a number of local venues, including the Point Richmond Music Night. She has a studio and is an active member of BridgeArtSpace in Richmond and Arts of Point Richmond. Sharon’s art is shown in a number of East Bay business/galleries.

SHARON GOODS: Kinetic Turbulence. Sharon Goods figurative paintings share immediacy, charged with an electric energy that grabs the viewer with insight into the eccentricities and foibles of the human drama. Elements of wry humor cut to essence and contradictions.

Her Abstract works & Cityscapes seem to draw from the very substance of creativity itself, combining cardboard and grit with esthetic sensitivity. In Goods’ works, the world is pictured with palpable, kinetic substance, and with a kind of psychic turbulence that is entirely contemporary.”

-William Torphy, Curator, William Torphy Fine Arts